Terry McMillan

At a writing conference in Berkeley…


I took a seminar with Jayne Anne Philips (I still get chill bumps when I think about her writing in BLACK TICKETS). She was, and still is, a writer I look to for inspiration. We workshopped my story Ma’ Dear, and work by other writers. I walked out inspired and determined, grateful for the opportunity to work with someone of her caliber and craft. A few weeks later I got a handwritten post card (no texting or emailing back then) in my mail box that read:

You have a strong voice. Don’t lose it.
And don’t worry, everything will happen at once.
– J.A. Philips

Take advantage of these tools.Read these authors and anybody else who speaks to you. Please don’t ask me to read your work. That’s what writing groups led by folks who know what they are doing are for.

Write hard and from the heart.

I’ll see you in the bookstore.